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TruSpin podcast

Nov 27, 2017

Time to get informed on blading matters with gents. We have a great group chat about Blader Union and other matters of blading culture. 

Talking Points. 

  • Blading Cup 2017
  • Remz HR 2.0
  • Jon Fromm
  • Blading Growth
  • VODs
  • Pop Ads
  • Offroad blading
  • People coming back to blading
  • Blading...

Nov 17, 2017

An excellent blader from Texas now living in New Orleans. We talk about his grass roots coming up and out of Texas and current blade culture topics. 

Nov 5, 2017

Coverage and Interviews from Blading Cup 2017 Santa Ana, CA.

Chats w/

  • Cletus Kuhn
  • Miguel Ramos
  • Adam Johnson
  • Joey Lunger
  • Travis Stewart
  • Michael Garlinghouse
  • Geoff Acers
  • Jeph Howard
  • Matt Mickey
  • Cody Sanders
  • Chris Calkins
  • B Free
  • Derek Henderson
  • Gavin Drum
  • Robbie Pitts
  • Jason Reyna
  • Jon Julio

Oct 27, 2017

Justin is what we call a lifer in the blading culture. He holds it down in  Bowling Green, Kentucky as the spear head of Southern Scum. He has passion for his community and a drive to keep pushing forward.   

Talking Points

  • Did you skate today?
  • Computer Tech
  • Brands
  • The now
  • Lifers
  • On a Roll
  • Blue skates
  • Kentucky
  • Screen...

Oct 19, 2017

Had a great chance to sit down with the boss, Jon Julio. Jon has been around since the early 90s to present day in blading. He is one of the most influential bladers of all time. He is the head of Valo Brand skates, Themgoods and the Youth Co. Listen to us talk about old stories to current times, preparing for the 7th...