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TruSpin podcast

Apr 30, 2018

You've herd the story from Jon Julio on other podcast but now its time to hear it from the other guys of THEM. On this episode I talked to Kruise Sapstein, Robbie Pitts and Sean Darst. We chat about their story of THEM, WinterClash, Them Skates and future plans. 

Apr 17, 2018

Todd is one of the OG blading podcasters, some may call him one of the Godfathers of Blading podcast. We discuss all the great things about being blade dads, big and small wheels, trying to always being fit and talk about bladers we love. 

Mar 21, 2018

This week we talk with Mike Obedoza. We get into Thrive Inline in Carson, Ca, Skate Park Certification and the many hats of Mike. 

Mar 6, 2018

This is a skate of the union address about all the major announcements and news that has been popping up lately in blading. So far 2018 has been a big year in blading and can't wait to see what else happens. 

Mar 2, 2018

It's all how you take it in. Do you let it get to you or do you push on through the mess and bring positivity to the surface. Today we talk to Jeph Howard from the great north west pacific. We cover his history in blading, current issues and how to bring the positive vibes.